Characteristics of tank container

ISO tank containers are built  on ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization) and are designed to carry liquids in bulk, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

Due to its easy of handling, effectiveness and efficiency, ISO tank containers are the preferred choice for bulk liquid transportation.

  • Safe and reliable

    ISO tanks are manufactured under strict standards and have to pass several quality tests before being released into the market. They are manufactured from stainless steel which has a high erosion resistance and it can withstand extreme forces as compared with drums or flexi-packs. The tank containers are hardy enough to withstand tough weather and unpredictable on-road conditions.

  • Efficient and convenient Support repeated mass transportation without the use of auxiliary packaging materials. A 20 foot long tank container can hold 60% - 70% more goods than a 20 foot ordinary container with barrels. Therefore, you will be able to transport more goods. It also allows the user to install pre heated containers or unloading containers in a very effective way.
  • Environmental protection and pollution reduction Tank containers are designed to withstand leakage during liquid storage and transportation. With the increase of oil or chemical leakage, tank container transportation is a favorable and environmentally friendly choice. They reduce the environmental pollution caused by leakage. Tank containers are also safe for the transportation of hazardous chemicals.
  • Support intermodal transport ISO tank containers can support intermodal transport between different modes of transport, including sea, truck and railway.
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