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Structure of tank container


Tank container is suitable for the transportation of all kinds of liquid (including inflammable, explosive, toxic and strongly corrosive dangerous goods), liquefied gas and powdery goods. In addition to the separate transportation of railway, highway, waterway and sea, it can also realize the intermodal transportation between them, reflecting the "door-to-door" transportation. It is a new standard tool for containerization transportation.

It can be divided into 1t, 3T, 5T, 8t, lot, 20 (20ft) and 30t standard weight container according to self weight and load.

According to the tank volume integral, it is lm3, 5M3, 8m3, lom3, 20m3, 30m3 standard volume container.

According to the tank structure, it can be divided into standard type, semi insulating sleeve type, inner heating pipe type, fire pipe type, rubber lined, plastic lined, aluminum film and other container tanks with different structures.

★ According to the loading and unloading mode, it can be divided into upper loading and unloading type, upper loading and unloading type and lower loading and unloading type container.

It can be divided into ordinary carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy aluminum and glass fiber reinforced plastic container.

It can be divided into vertical, horizontal, multi tank and spherical container according to the tank form.

According to the walking mode, it can be divided into the container with walking wheel and ordinary container.

① The overall dimensions and structure of the container fully meet the requirements of international and domestic standards. It is common with the spreader of ordinary containers. It can realize 'door-to-door' transportation, reduce the loss, pollution and risk caused by the need to flip cargo in intermodal transportation, and also reduce the expenses of road occupation fee and measurement disputes, thus saving expenses and reducing transportation costs.

② Containerized tank integrates the characteristics of container, railway tank car and highway tank car. Its structure meets the technical requirements of container, and the tank body also meets the requirements of railway tank car standard. It can be used not only as container but also as tank car, which increases the applicability of transportation process.

③ The container has five functions: transportation, measurement, storage, pressure resistance and packaging. It is convenient to use and has good economic benefits.

④ Container transportation is simpler and more convenient than railway tank car, automobile tank car and small package transportation, with low cost, less loss, light pollution and low risk.

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