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What should be paid attention to in dangerous goods storage?


Dangerous goods generally refer to substances or articles with combustible, explosive, strongly corrosive, toxic and radioactive characteristics; In recent years, China's major safety accidents have occurred, especially in the dangerous goods industry, which is characterized by various explosion accidents, especially the "8 · 12" fire and explosion accident in Tianjin port. Due to the particularity of dangerous goods, and it is difficult to control in a short time, once the dangerous goods safety accidents occur, it is easy to cause large-scale and large-scale accidents Body injury and serious environmental pollution. Therefore, it is of great significance to pay attention to and strengthen the management of dangerous goods, effectively reduce and prevent the occurrence of dangerous goods safety accidents, and ensure the safety production of enterprises.

Dangerous goods can be divided into compressed gas and liquefied gas, flammable liquid, flammable solid, spontaneous combustion goods and wet flammable goods, radioactive goods, corrosive goods and so on. Common dangerous goods are gasoline, natural gas, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfuric acid, etc.

Precautions for dangerous goods storage:

1. Separate storage by category

Generally speaking, the storage of dangerous goods should be strictly classified according to their nature, requirements and fire rescue methods, and stored independently in special dangerous goods warehouse. When a variety of dangerous goods are stored together, it may cause chemical reaction between two or more kinds of dangerous goods which are in contact with each other due to the leakage of packaging containers and other reasons, and eventually lead to the occurrence of safety accidents.

2. Control the ventilation, drying, temperature and humidity of the warehouse

The melting, deterioration, volatilization and other phenomena of dangerous goods in the process of warehouse storage are almost closely related to the temperature and humidity of the air. Therefore, the control of ventilation, drying, temperature and humidity of the warehouse is the core work of dangerous goods storage. Due to the different physical and chemical properties of dangerous goods, the requirements of temperature and humidity are also different, so the enterprise carries out the storage of dangerous goods When storing, it should be targeted and planned, such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and other items, should pay attention to sealing, maintain humidity balance.

3. Safe operation

Due to the safety particularity of dangerous goods, in the process of loading, unloading, handling and stacking of dangerous goods, it is necessary to strictly abide by the relevant operation requirements and compliance process flow to operate, so as to work with a certificate and not to bump, slap and pull at will; it is necessary to take personal safety protection measures and wear personal protective equipment.

4. Safety precautions

1) According to the characteristics of dangerous goods and warehouse conditions, the enterprise shall be equipped with corresponding fire-fighting equipment, facilities and fire-fighting agents. If possible, the enterprise can install automatic monitoring and accident alarm system.

2) The safety management of dangerous goods warehouse should be carried out well, the system construction should be strengthened, and the safety responsibility should be clarified. For example, the warehouse administrator should make a record of personnel entering the warehouse, and do a good job of five prevention: fire prevention, anti-theft, moisture-proof, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion work;

3) Enterprises should regularly carry out warehouse safety inspection to eliminate potential safety hazards.

5. Emergency plan

In daily work, enterprises should prepare emergency rescue plans for fire, explosion, leakage and other situations, set up emergency rescue teams and organize regular performances.

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